ART WORKS Projects: Claiming Public Space for Human Rights


  • Leslie Thomas ART WORKS Projects, Estados Unidos


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human rights, public space, Darfur, AWP


ART WORKS Projects (AWP) was born out of desperation. A photo of a small boy who had been murdered in a genocidal attack against civilians in Darfur by a Sudanese government intent upon their eradication led to the formation first of the DARFUR/DARFUR exhibition of large-scale exterior projections and eventually to AWP. The founders, by and large architects, filmmakers, editors, photographers, lawyers, and designers, weren’t naive enough to believe that art can always end genocide (or any other grave human rights abuse), but they knew it impacted them and so they theorized that the same could happen to policymakers, voters, and ultimately, perpetrators.


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Leslie Thomas, ART WORKS Projects, Estados Unidos

Leslie Thomas is the co-founder of MIRA and LARC Architecture and Design, the founder of ART WORKS Projects, an Emmy-award winning art director, and mom. Recent film projects include The Prosecutors and Thursday’s Child, co-editing a book of photography on the impact of war on children, and designing a variety of buildings in the Midwest and California. Leslie’s multi-media human rights focused work has toured across five continents and been the recipient of grants from The National Endowment for the Arts, the MacArthur Foundation, the Open Society Foundations, and many other major philanthropic institutions. She is a graduate of Columbia University and the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and is committed to the use of art and design for public good. Leslie proudly sits on the board of Congo Kids Initiative.


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Thomas, L. (2020). ART WORKS Projects: Claiming Public Space for Human Rights. Revista Electrónica De Derecho Internacional Contemporáneo, 3(3), 167–170.