Manejo de recursos pesqueros continentales: el uso de una caja de herramientas


  • Claudio Rafael Mariano Baigún Laboratorio de Ecología y Producción Pesquera, IIB-INTECH, Chascomús, Argentina

Palabras clave:

pesca, recurso pesquero, manejo, Argentina, pesca continental


Practical and conceptual tools are presented and discussed to optimize freshwater resources management, particularly in absence of suitable information. Such issues involve among others the ambiguous concept of sustainability, scale effect in asking right management questions, application of an holistic approach for developing those processes related to management following hierachical and articulated steps, understanding the value of information and its publications, using sinthetic indicators with diagnostic and predictive value value and developing robust sampling protocols upon stratified designs as usually is required for freshwater fisheries studies. Such tools represent a valuable alternative to ordinate the fisheries, to improve the information basis and to apply management guidelines based on using suitable assessment methods.


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