El espíritu empresario y la teoría de la decisión en la empresa


  • Benigno Rodríguez Meitín

Palabras clave:

redistribución, teoría de la decisión


The author separates the raison d'être of an enterprise from motivations of the type of manager inclined to assigning maximum importance to objectives involving decision making risks. He sustains the existence, in business decision making, of an inescapable important proportion of personality factor, present even in the choice of rules, to the extreme extent of so-called gambling decisions. He recalls the decisional system expounded by BROSS, emphasizing his forthright consideration of the criterion of decision-making, as opposed to its omission in the theorem of RÍOS GARCÍA who limits the problem to purely mathematical grounds thus mutilating the process of decision-making insofar as it relates to business, for which reason the respective problem is reformulated. He finally delineates the motive and consequences of the different conceptions in regard to their final place, within the executive factor, of the role of a decision maker in the ultimate instance, vis-a-vis a self- motivated bureaucracy sustaining the compromising theses of the impossibility of its elimination due to absence, or its substitution by a political entrepreneur, according to the system involved.


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Rodríguez Meitín, . B. (1967). El espíritu empresario y la teoría de la decisión en la empresa. Económica, 13(40), p. 3–16. Recuperado a partir de https://revistas.unlp.edu.ar/Economica/article/view/7807




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