Vocation in the insertion of the university student and the graduate


  • Adriana Jerez Universidad Nacional de Tucumán
  • Mariel Santos Universidad Nacional de Tucumán
  • Segundo Pablo Vallejo Universidad Nacional de Tucumán
  • Rosa María Cerrizuela Universidad Nacional de Tucumán
  • Susana Montaldo Universidad Nacional de Tucumán
  • Ana María Astudillo Universidad Nacional de Tucumán
  • Hilda Sahian de Chanta Universidad Nacional de Tucumán
  • María Nelly Sayago Universidad Nacional de Tucumán

Palabras clave:

Estudiantes, vocation, student, graduate, graduand, university


The work plan aims at deepening the analysis of the theoretic assumptions which support the practice in Vocational Guidance: analyzing the incidence of endogenous and exogenous factors both in the election and studying of a particular course of study and in the occupational resolution of the graduate. This analysis enables the revision and the new theoretic conceptualization which is afterwards transferred to the course, and to different groups and provincial institutions where the practice of Vocational Guidance occurs, as well as to other schools in the Northwest provinces of Argentina. Semiotic analysis, statistical elaboration and the research-action approach which, while surveying data renders a service to the milieu, provide the base for the project. Said project focuses on the following individuals: 1) freshmen, who offer us the following aspects to be considered: a) factors which either favor or hinder the insertion of the students attending the first years of the course; b) the conditions making up the learning situation in each subject, from the teaching point of view; c) the influence of institutional dimension in the insertion process; 2) graduands: the characteristics of the situation following graduation from University, those of the labor field and the different ways of gaining access to it are investigated. This analysis is carried out in the courses of study of Psychology and English (education of Professionals in English and English for Professionals).


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Jerez, . A., Santos, . M. ., Vallejo, . S. P. ., Cerrizuela, . R. M. ., Montaldo, . S., Astudillo, . A. M., Sahian de Chanta, . H., & Sayago, . M. N. (2000). Vocation in the insertion of the university student and the graduate. Orientación Y Sociedad, (no. 2), p. 167–179. Recuperado a partir de https://revistas.unlp.edu.ar/OrientacionYSociedad/article/view/8251



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