Portada Editorial


  • Eleonora Calderón

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Portada Editorial.


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Eleonora Calderón

Graduate and Professor of Plastic Arts. Professor of History of Visual Arts (FBA-UNLP). She won numerous awards and mentions, such as the 1st Prize "Salon Provincial de Pintura Pettoruti" (2009) and the 1st Prize "Salon Edelap de Artes Plásticas 2005", among others. His work is part of collective and individual exhibitions in renowned museums and cultural centers in Argentina. Also in prestigious public and private collections. The work Pandemonium of the Series "Satellite Images" arises from the image of a virus. It is made with circular forms of plaster where a satellite image of the city is transferred. The whole series is developed from this idea (2011/2012). The "Rare Avis in Terris" series refers to life in isolation. They are the spaces where some characters live in solitude whose portraits are also part of this group of works (2013/2014). The Series "Sterilizable" is related to experiences of hospitality and loss (or absence). They refer to spaces without time, where the individual is absorbed or configured by the elements of that sterile space (as if they were part of the walls of that detained space-time) (2005/2007).




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