Ideas para una tipología regional

  • Oreste Popescu


The most adequate starting point to build up a space economy typology is the idea of region. In opposition to the prevailing point of view, that is the impossibility of determining the space economy unit, the author proposes to define region as a function of the economic system, in the sombartian sense, as an harmonic way of economic life distinguished by a spirit, constitution and economic technique. Therefore, regional typology would not be other than a variation of the general economic typology. In a previous approach, ideal regional types should be established, to go on afterwards with the working up of real regional types as well as the impure real forms. In a third stage it would be necessary to proceed with a dynamic typologic approach for specific ends (for instance a regional typology for joining objects, or other with the aim of economic development) or distinguish between functional character regional types and structural character ones


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