El trend del centro de gravitación del área del maní en la República Argentina

  • Oreste Popescu


It is feasible to determine the trend of displacement of peanut farming, from origin zone to that considered optimum. For that purpose, the author employs an adequate consequent method which allows him to appreciate it in its different stages. He starts by locating that zone considered as original for peanut, northeastern zone, and demonstrates how it is displacing itself to center east, due to economic reasons; mainly to peanut application for industrial use. The space of domain is not definitive since for new factors, principally that of peanut substitution with oleaginous crops of larger yielding which makes its cultivation be shifted to the center of the country, Córdoba. Here, concentration of optimum factors of space economy permit its immovability be foreseen. The bibliographic contribution is a very important one.


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Popescu, O. (1960). El trend del centro de gravitación del área del maní en la República Argentina. Económica, 6(21-24), p. 64-85. Recuperado a partir de https://revistas.unlp.edu.ar/Economica/article/view/7202
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